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We at Fiesta Beach Travel have been in the Rocky Point Mexico market making reservations for hotels since 1994.  In 1994 there were a couple of condos on Sandy Beach called Peñasco Beach and Tennis Club (now Las Gaviotas), Playa Bonita had an ity bitty hotel, 3 R.V. Parks, and that's it.

Now with all the high-rises and loads, and loads, and loads of competition everyone claims to be an expert, everyone claims do be the #1 portal, or the greatest reservation company on earth.

Well.......we decided to give you a little bit of information so that you can decide for yourself.  Fiesta Beach Travel has 2 basic domains: and

Please use this link to investigate who you want to trust with your hard worked for dollars:


Office hours are Monday through Friday 8-5 (AZ time) contact us at [email protected] or 800-713-6259

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