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Safety in Rocky Point / Puerto Peñasco Mexico

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Puerto Peñasco is bouncing back! Welcome!
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The Arizona Republic has recently printed a number of pieces reexamining Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) as a safe spot for tourism, despite travel warnings that have been issued to other parts of Mexico. These warnings, along with other factors including the requirement for US passports for returning home, economic concerns, and even last year’s swine flu, have all taken their toll on tourism and yet Puerto Peñasco is bouncing back. This year, there was a 22% uptick in Spring Break visitors and the busy Semana Santa (Holy Week) drew in approximately 61,000 visitors to area hotels alone! Weekends in town have been chock full of activities since the beginning of the year, and will continue to be packed through at least early summer with concerts, recreation, fishing, and events!

In early April, Hector Vazquez del Mercado, President of the local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) was quoted in an Arizona Republic note assuring that “the people are seeing us as a safe destination,” highlighting Puerto Peñasco rebound on the safe tourism monitor!  Similarly, in a short note entitled “Travel to Rocky Point’s Paradise is Still Safe,” we are reminded of how incidences that occur in different parts of Mexico often lead to a broad paintbrush stroke of the whole country. However, as an expert in border crime at the University of San Diego is reported stating, with violence in Mexico principally focused on the illegal drug trade, “you’re talking about very low odds of being victimized by this kind of violence.”  Puerto Peñasco enjoys a close relationship with the metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Tucson, and is often dubbed “Arizona’s beach.”  Considerations to keep in mind when traveling to this near seaside spot, as the article points out, are “Travel in daylight, don’t be an imbecile. Have fun.”  Welcome back!!

Arizona Republic Sunday April 15th 2012

extracted from azcentral.com
A recovering tourism industry

Meanwhile, tourism is beginning to rebound in Rocky Point, said Vazquez del Mercado, president of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

From March 19 to 25, the week Arizona State University was on spring break, 31,725 people visited Rocky Point. That's up 60 percent from the same week the year before, according to bureau statistics.

From March 12 to 18, the week the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University were on spring break, 48,276 people visited Rocky Point. That was up 22 percent from the same week the year before and up 57 percent from the same week in 2010.

Vazquez, who also is general manager of Las Palomas, the largest resort in Rocky Point, said he believes the increase in tourism is partly due to the improvement in the economy.

The convention bureau spent $400,000 in the past year promoting tourism to Rocky Point in Arizona, he said.

But he also thinks the increase shows Americans are becoming less afraid to travel to Rocky Point, despite the travel warnings.

"People come here and (tell others), 'Yeah, I went to Rocky Point, and I had a good time, and you can go, and you will be safe,'" he said.

Marena Van Orden, 20, an ASU student from Prescott, said she did not have any concerns about safety after her sister, a UA student, spent spring break at Rocky Point.

A week later, Van Orden and three friends went down to Rocky Point from Phoenix during ASU's spring break and spent six days there.

"I honestly did not see any sketchy situations the whole time," Van Orden said.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2012/04/05/20120405sonora-mexico-travel-warnings-violence-data-show-safe.html#ixzz1uxsG0WuG

The Issue:  Drug violence on Mexican Border
Travel to Rocky Point's paradise is still safe
A busload of tourists in Puerto Vallarta are robbed at gunpoint... and vacation travel to Rocky Point falls off a cliff.
The U.S. State Department issues a warning about travel in Sonora --a region of Mexico that includes poor Rocky Point --and again, tourist travel to the coastal village nosedives.
It is the bane of Puerto Penasco --aka Rocky Point --that when something sensationally awful occurs anywhere in Mexico, this idyllic paradise at the top of the Gulf of California suffers badly.  Indeed, the village suffers far out of proportion to the reality of risk that visitors to Rocky Point actually face.
There is no disputing the shocking level of drug violence plaguing northern Mexico.  But like drug violence in the U.S., the mayhem in Mexico is almost exclusively limited to warring participants in the illegal trade.
As an expert in border crime at the University of San Diego recently told The Arizona Republic's Daniel Gonzalez, "You're talking about very low odds of being victimized by this kind of violence."
Precious few non-border communities anywhere enjoy the kind of close relationship that exists between metropolitan Phoenix and Puerto Penasco.  Until the drug wars came the long U.S.-Mexico border, the seaside village was as close to being Arizona’s own "seaport" as a town in another country could be.  Needing a passport to get to Rocky Point just seemed... wrong.
The reality now is different.  To travel to Rocky Point, an American tourist must show a passport.  But that and a little common sense still are pretty much all that's required.
Travel in daylight.  Don't be an imbecile.  Have fun.  Arizona's own seaport hasn't changed all that much.

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