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Sandy Beach in Rocky Point Sunset in Rocky Point Las Palomas Golf Course in Rocky Point Shopping in Rocky Point  (near Penasco Del Sol) Jetskis in the view of Penasco's Ocean
Vendors on the Beach Ski, Shop, Relax or whatever on Rocky Point's Beaches Horseback riding in Penasco Seating for 2 and a booster seat in Penasco please Sand Angel in Rocky Point
see the seagull by the seaside? Si Penasco si.......... Your smile is only 4 hours from Phoenix or Tucson Future Spring Breakers breaking ground in Rocky Point AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........Penasco is Rocky Point Mexico Come sail away to Arizona's closest ocean port.
The Friendly Dolphin is still appetite friendly Now Hiring: Sun & Surf Gazers for all Fresh Air you can breathe Rocky Point Mexico.  4 hours away from right now. Night time in Rocky Point's fish market Puerto Penasco's seaside square and fisherman statue
Is there anything better than a Mango on a stick out of a wheelbarrow? Rocky Point Mexico has some of the most dramatic tides and sunsets in the world. Bella Sirena, Sonoran Sea, Sonoran Spa, Las Paloms all on Rocky Point's Sandy Beach. The Old Port, where Rocky Point gets it's name, overlooking Sandy Beach a very, very, very, very small landscape picture of Rocky Point.
Pottery for any and all occasions. Shopping on the way to Cholla Bay Rocky Point...please tilt your head to the right. If it's unique you want, it is here. Roger Clyne hats.  For the real sun or a steel one.
Rocky Point Mexico is known for crafts. and more crafts and even more crafts.........oh ya, hammocks too...... Puerto Penasco Mexico is also known for silver goodies. Rocky Point Mexico... home of the quads and crafts.
Rocky Point Mexico...give it a rest with the crafts?...... A pirate ship sunset cruise in Rocky Point's beautiful coastal cityscape. Puerto Penasco Started out as a fishing village and still holds it's tradition. A view from the point of Rocky Point. Boating with Rocky Point's 'Black Mountain' backdrop.
Bird Sunset cruising with the friendly pirates. Rocky Point Mexico...home of the jet ski hug. Coastal view of Marina Pinacate and Penasco del Sol Art in Puerto Penasco's old port square.
Different view of art in Puerto Penasco's old port square. Very cool statue of a fisherman riding a shrimp in Rocky Point's old port square. Rocky Point Mexico's old port and it's fisherman's balls of stone. Did we mention Rocky Point is just 4 hours from Phoenix or Tucson yet? Hey Stop! That pinche gringo took my watch!
After him! We can still catch him! Aw man he's way faster,'s just not gonna happen...dude, time fly's when your at the beach. Rocky Point Mexico is Puerto Penasco Mexico. Time flys and soars in Rocky Point Mexico Crafts for Dia de las Muertos in Puerto Penasco
View of 'Sandy Beach' from Penasco del Sol Hotel in Rocky  Point Mexico Hilltop View from Casa De Capitan over looking Rocky Poin'ts Intet to harbor and 'Sandy Beach' strip. 58 59 60
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