Extended Interview with Director Diego Quemada-Diz on La Jaula de Oro and Migration to the U.S.

December 19th, 2015 03:45:02 am

Extended discussion with award-wining Mexican film director Diego Quemada-Diez, whose film "La Jaula de Oro," or "The Golden Dream," chronicles the story of two Guatemalan kids and one indigenous Tzotzil boy from southern Mexico as they attempt to traverse Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico border to reach the United States. The film is based on interviews Quemada-Dez conducted over six years in Mexico with hundreds of Central Americans and Mexicans attempting to migrate to the United States. We speak with filmmaker Diego Quemada-Dez about his process of making the film and what he hoped to convey. "I wanted to use the film as a mirror," Quemada-Dez explained. "So we can look at ourselves and see what unites us, so that instead of building walls, we can try to build bridges, try to understand and feel empathy and realize that if we were in their situation, we would do exactly the same thing."

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