Tips/Facts on car safety in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco)

     In the southwest, the 'BIG' cars are usually the targets - SUV's, trucks, anything that can handle rougher terrain. But really anything with wheels and a motor will do! Having your car stolen in Mexico is a horrible experience

     Car theft in Puerto Penasco is just as much of a problem as it is in Tucson, Phoenix, Ajo, Nogales, Sonoyta, San Luis, or anywhere else within about a 300 mile radius of the US/Mexico border.

Because of this, you should make sure to take some common-sense steps if you are driving. Perhaps you've heard these before, but here are some common car safety tips that need repeating:

  • Always lock your doors. Don't forget to properly seal those little vent windows, either.
  • Always park in well lit, public areas
  • Never leave any valuables in the car
  • Alarms? Good. Anti-theft devices? Also good. Ignition Locks? Even better. Are they are cure-all? Certainly not, but the more 'layers' of theft deterrent you use, the better.
  • Don't leave your insurance policies sitting in your car. Just in case your vehicle were to get stolen, you do need this to file a claim.
  • Also, we have heard that the famous "OnStar" is completely worthless in Puerto Penasco!
  • Renting a car is another option for you

    There are a few rental companies that allow their cars into Mexico.


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